Well I'm a DJ that goes by the name of SKAMROK (known as DJ Skamz from 94-03), the Hip Hop culture grabbed me when I was very young as it was blowing up all over the world, taken in I started breaking and cutting on the parents turntable (they loved that) in 1984 and went on from there.

Grew up on a heavy heavy (self inflicted) diet of Hip Hop, kept up to date by older cousin / graf writer Stu (Corn), and with my same age graf writer cousin Rob we would seek out Hip Hop knowledge wherever we could find it.

Then in 95 I was hooked up with James “Break DJ” Leacy (R.I.P.) and Aidan “Orange” Leacy by a mutual friend (we all lived in the same town). Being around them inspired me massively and hearing the records / live tapes they had made me start to dig for break beats properly.

It was around this time (mainly due to the diggin’) that I started opening my mind to other styles of music, so apart from the Funk sounds that I was mainly looking for at the time I started listening to a lot of the music that was being played in my house and family parties while I was growing up, which was everything from 60's pop, Motown / Soul, New Wave, Ska, early Punk / Goth, Indie etc. What can I say, I'm a huge music lover and if it touches me I'm into it, all ignorance is out the window. During the 2000’s (while still loving and buying Hip Hop / Breakbeats) I was gigging, going to clubs and buying records of all these styles, good times!

In 2010 I was asked by Aby (crew president) to join TBB (The Bronx Boys), one of the most important and influential crews in the early years of Breaking / Rocking, I’m a proud member of this family and represent them to the fullest! I’m also a member of Dusty Fingers (a DJ collective headed by original TBB DJ "Danny Dan The Beat Man") and Lordz Of Finesse (a Denver crew headed by my man "Fienz")!

So far my DJ’ing has taken me across the UK, Europe, America and New Zealand!

My story continues...