Sunday, January 17, 2016


I’m very late with this one but just wanted to share some pics of a great day, our TBB / TBG 40th Anniversary held last October in the Boogie Down Bronx. As well as all our beautiful worldwide family we had nuff legends pass through including Mr. Freeze (Rock steady Crew), Kid Freeze (Dynamic Rockers), Robert Taylor AKA Lee from Beat Street, DJ Outlaw (RIP) & Tony Tone (Cold Crush Brothers) and many more. For the morning / early afternoon jam we had our TBB brothers Johnny Juice (ex Public Enemy) and Charlie Hustle rocking the wheels then for the after party you had myself (Deejay Skamrok) alongside Danny Dan The Beat Man, Solo 138 and DJ Looie Loo. This event marked the first time since our first reunions back in 2010 that TBB Rocking Crew founder Batch was in attendance. As usual there was nothing but love in the house and a great time was had by all those who came through!!!

   photo TBB202015201_zps1nahyi6b.jpg

Myself (Skamrok) with TBB Rocking Crew founder "Batch"
 photo IMG_2290_zpstuuvjart.jpg

TBB vice pres DJ Johnny Juice on the Wheels
 photo IMG_2217_zpskb7ycitq.jpg

A lot of OG TBB members in this picture inc Batch, Bon 2, Bom 5, Dr. Ace, Dollar Bill, Pony Rosie, K.C. and more!
 photo IMG_2259_zpsraldwvt5.jpg

TBB Kev's dope custom jacket
 photo IMG_2296_zpsjgbetjnm.jpg

With my brother "Dent", as well as TBB we also represent Denver's "Lordz Of Finesse" crew! 
 photo IMG_2302_zps75hmtced.jpg

Fresh jacket from my brother DJ Solo 138
 photo IMG_2315_zps1crbdlm4.jpg

TBB Rocking Crew founder "Batch", over 50yrs old and still rocking the floor!
 photo IMG_2359_zpsmjo3odm0.jpg

Myself (Skamrok) with Robert Taylor AKA Lee from Beat Street
(still looking as young as he did back then)
 photo IMG_2344_zpsc6tuq0lx.jpg

Danny Dan The Beat Mann killin' it with the 45's
 photo IMG_2355_zpsdwbczbml.jpg

Deejay Skamrok and Danny Dan The Beat Mann flashing some of the 45's we rocked that night!
 photo IMG_2389_zpsagdbgrhy.jpg

Deejay Skamrok, Iz (AKA Doctor Love) and Nene representing the UK's TBB Chapter!
 photo IMG_2396_zpsfqsssfz4.jpg

TBB / TBG fam waiting for the subway train (where the party continued) in the early hours after yet another amazing anniversary!
 photo IMG_2405_zpsdv3dgy8z.jpg

Friday, January 15, 2016


Here’s a little mix of varying styles I laid down at last month’s great Diggers Dozen night in London (big up my man Maxwell). House rules are 12 records per DJ, original pressings only, no bootlegs or comps.
This mix is dedicated to my late friend Susan Doe, tracks 1 -8 are all played from Polydor (and associated labels) white labels and promos I got from her Dad in the late 90’s (he worked for the label in the late 60’s / early 70’s), the last 4 tracks are from random favourite 45’s of mine.
Until I see you again my dear friend!!!