Sunday, October 30, 2011

KING OF THE B-BOYS 5 - 21/01/12

King of the B-Boys 5 will take place on January 21st 2012 (12 - 7.30pm), this time at the new and larger venue The Ballroom (Birmingham, B4 7LS). They’ll be 3 on 3 and under 12 battles as well as the always entertaining Out the Box battle. Ill B-Boy beats on the day will be supplied by Deejay Skamrok and the Down By Law DJ’s (Jam Fu & Khan Fu). Tickets are available from



The next GIMME THE BREAKS (Deck The Halls With Style and Flava – Xmas Special) B-Boy battle will be held at The Walkabout (Birmingham, B1 2DS) on December 10th from 12 - 7pm. This is a fancy dress jam so get creative peoples, doesn’t just have to be Xmas related! DJ’s on the wheels will be Skamrok and the Down By Law DJ’s (Jam Fu & Khan Fu). Prices on the door are £6 for spectators and £5 for competitors.
Gimme The Breaks Fancy Dress

BREAKFEST 26/11/11

This year’s BREAKFEST is gonna be held at The Cap Centre (Windmill Lane, B66 3LX) on the 26th of November (2 – 8pm), £8 on the door or £5 for competitors. You have the host with the most Swifty keeping things moving on the mic while Deejay Skamrok, Aidan Leacy and DJ Junk (Second 2 None) rock the wheels so you know the music’s gonna be the real deal. And if that’s not enough they’ll be free Cadbury’s chocolate all day, what more do you want people?!!

Breakfest 2011


Hanifa Queen AKA B-Girl Bubbles from the legendary Wolverhampton B-Boys will be holding an exhibition for her award winning Art Breaker paintings at the Wolverhampton Art Gallery (Lichfield Street, WV1 1DU) on November 19th (11am – 5pm); also featured will be various old school tracksuits from Bubbles collection as well as photos documenting the 80’s B-Boy scene in the West Midlands. And it don’t stop there, there will also be exhibition breaking battles and workshops. Keeping the funky beats flowing will be myself Deejay Skamrok alongside Jam Fu and JustDani, entry’s absolutely FREE so come out and support people!

36th TBB Anniversary in pictures.

Once again The Bronx Boys anniversary was a beautiful day, mad legends were in attendance from crews such as TBB (obviously), Rock Steady Crew, Zulu Kings, Incredible Breakers, Dynasty Rockers, Mastermind Rockers and more, the vibe was amazing as usual. Here are a few pics from a great day for all who attended.

TBB ANN 2011 (mid)

TBB 36th 1
TBB 36th 2
TBB 36th 3
TBB 36th 4
TBB 36th 5
TBB 36th 6
TBB 36th 7

Friday, June 10, 2011

The TBB Rocking Crew 36th Anniversary - October 8th 2011

ONCE AGAIN IT’S ON!!! The TBB Rocking Crew's 36th Anniversary is happening October 8th 2011 in The Bronx!!! Lasts year’s event was crazy with attendees and representatives from crews like TBB, Star Child La Rock, Rock Steady, Zulu Nation, Black Spades, NYCB, 7Gems, Incredible Breakers and many more from O.G.’s to Hip Hop’s new generation, but trust me when I say this year is gonna be bigger and better!!!

TBB ANN 2011 (mid)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

TBB Rocking Crew History

Back in 1975 Batch, Shark, and Cash formed a graffiti crew named The Bronx Boys (TBB) since we were indeed from the Bronx... TBB fitted us just right.

During those old school days Rocking and Graffiti were the two best things for the young people growing up in the Bronx. And, tagging up was what motivated us the most since it contained the substance of what fame was to become of The Bronx Boys.
We used to Rock and sip on a grape tasting wine that only cost us a dollar for a full extra large pint. This wine was called "Night Train" and If you was a Graffiti artist back then you'd know what I'm talking about. It got us warmed up, and ready to go bombing (tagging). I actually started tagging graffiti back in 1974 when my name was Bat, but Cash and Shark added C-H to my name which became Batch, because I was not satisfied with a graffiti name that only contained three letters.

In 1975 on a hot summer July, while Up Rocking with some members of TBB Graffiti Artists, a simple Up Rocking move turned into a falling mistake by a kid named TE- TE Rock (not the later TE-TE Rock) who fell to the ground and made a swift move that changed the Rocking dance art throughout the world. This dance art became known as bboy/breaking, but the better name for it is actually "Rocking" since it originated from Rock to start with. Therefore, I turned our graffiti crew (TBB) into TBB Rocking Crew.
Then came Star Child LA Rock, and after that came Rock Well-Association.
Notice that these old school B-Boy crews had the word Rock to their crew. And furthermore, notice the later Rock Steady Crew, also contained the word "Rock".
In 1977 TBB Rocking Crew had spread largely throughout the Bronx which had caught the eye of Africa Bambaataa, and called for a peace treaty between the two biggest organizations in the Bronx back then. Please feel free to question Africa Bambaataa about this historical incident that took place back then. We met with him in the Webster projects for our interview, and we discussed issues that pertained to the safety of all the young people who used to attend Jams, DJ Parties, and School Yard Jams etc. The agreement was settled with respect and great concern and consideration for the sake of the young people who liked to attend those old school days parties.
The Zulunation and TBB became together after that meeting with Africa Bambaataa back in1977.

I am saddend and disappointed by the false information about the history of "Rocking". I have come across much misleading subjects and statements which are truly fairy tale assumptions from individuals that writers interview for feed back, and opinions then add these falsehood stories about the history of Rocking to, with no regard to assure that what they are printing may just be misleading information about the history of Rocking.
Recently I read a book called Vibe History, and as I read the Rocking (Break Dancing) history section of the book Ijust had to laugh.
many of those individuals mentioned in the section on Rocking I've known them for years, and grew up with many of them. Much of what I've read in that section on Rocking was nonsense. Needless to say, but true, that's a prime example of what I mean by false information. However, the section contained some true substance from those individuals that knew what they were saying. In any event though, I had to toss the book aside, when I noticed that the writer's information lacked more substantial facts, that needed to be represented to the true history of Rocking. The information was unbalanced with some historical eras and misconceptions ... May I ask where was TBB Rocking Crew in those historical events? Not once was the fundamentals of TBB Rocking Crew ever mentioned in that section of Rocking from that book Vibe History. Leaving out the main puzzles of the history of Rocking (Break Dancing) made the statements therein worthless to acknowledge. When we write about history we don't start from the middle of it. Otherwise, it won't contain any significance to its important value.


I am BATCH God Father of TBB Rocking Crew.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Eurocultured 2011

Had fun DJ’ing at the prelim battles of Eurocultured in Manchester last Sunday alongside Johnny Dett (cheers to Justroc from Floor Gangz / TBB for hooking that up)! Here’s a little taste of that day, me on the wheels of steel for the battle between La Familia and MDK!



It’s final here, the long overdue mix CD collaboration from Skamrok and his long time breakbeat collecting partner Johnny Dett! Skamrok sets off the first half of this CD with breaks new and old, classics and obscure jams from around the world, then Johnny Dett kicks in with a full 30 minutes of crazy B-Boy Breaks, many unheard gems! This is a mix not to be missed!
To get a taste, check out the sound clip below!
Deejay Skamrok and Johnny Dett.Let It Be Broke Sampler by DEEJAY SKAMROK

Available for purchase in my store.

LIBB med

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


1 hour of the toughest original breaks strictly for the B-Boys and B-Girls.
In this time Deejay Skamrok will rock your mind and body on a musical journey covering 4 decades cutting up killer B-Beats from both classic and obscure Funk, Jazz, and Latin, all the way through to New Wave and everything in between.
You never heard it like this before, guaranteed you'll come back for more... check it out!
Available for purchase in my store.