Friday, August 2, 2013


Last weekend saw the great Hip Hop charity event SKILLZ KILL CANCER in Wolverhampton, put together by UK’s original B-Girl Hanifa McQueen Hudson (AKA B-Girl Bubbles) from the legendary Wolverhampton B-Boys. I was definitely happy to be a part of this event and great day was had by all, the event was such a success that you will definitely see a part 2 in the next few months, which I’ll post more info about as I get it!

SKC5 photo 1075623_544347902267231_621868924_n_zps553427e6.jpg SKC3 photo 944746_10151800050844282_1118863339_n_zps524451fa.jpg SKC4 photo 1005335_544101258958562_1347536540_n_zps4989ce8c.jpg SKC1 photo 62993_521836761205531_2062906769_n_zps5337948d.jpg SKC2 photo 526797_10200342930791146_1772252142_n_zps97ae7329.jpg

And for those that don’t know here’s some classic old footage of Bubbles and the B-Boys in action:

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